Twitter Ads Consolidated From 22+ Ad Formats To 5 Ad Categories


Twitter Ads Consolidated From 22+ Ad Formats To 5 Ad Categories

We have always found Twitter Ads hard to understand from a digital marketing perspective. They have always been somewhat unusual when you compare them to Google Ads and Facebook Ads which seem much easier to understand and therefore use when it comes to running digital ads. That was the case until today when Twitter announced that their ad offerings have been collapsed from over 22 ad formats to 5 ad categories, as follows:

  • Promoted Ads: These formats can feature images, videos, and various ad features. They can be used in multiple ways across each stage of the marketing funnel.
  • Follower Ads: This format can be used to promote an account to a targeted audience to build awareness and attract new followers.
  • Twitter Amplify: With Twitter Amplify advertisers can align their ads with premium video content from the most relevant publishers.
  • Twitter Takeover: This category includes the most premium, mass-reach placements that drive results across the funnel by taking over the Timeline and Explore tab.
  • Twitter Live: With Twitter Live, advertisers can broadcast their biggest moments to the world, and allow an audience to join in real-time.

This new Twitter Ads cascading structure can be seen visually as below:

Screenshot 2021-05-11 at 20.32.32

Going forward, what remains to be seen is where this streamlining will ultimately result in more Twitter Ads uptake since the changes are largely targeting digital marketers across the spectrum – from the individual and/or small business spending a few hundred dollars a month all the way to large advertising agencies and major brands spending millions in ad dollars monthly.



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