The Digital Business Ecosystem (DBE)


The Digital Business Ecosystem (DBE)

We are almost at the end of February 2016 in Kenya and many leaders in business are still looking into their proverbial crystal balls to see what the future holds this year. One of the areas many must be thinking about is how they can use digital channels to add value to their offerings and maintain a significant competitive advantage. At the same time, they are looking at how they can differentiate themselves sufficiently in the marketplace from their competitors so as to avoid ‘me too’ strategies and tactics that would therefore yield a limited return on investment (ROI).

Dotsavvy’s view is that there is only one thing that will matter when it comes to transforming businesses from a digital perspective in 2016 and beyond. This is the one thing that will make businesses and brands in Kenya standout from all the noise that is out there and will truly impact the bottom-line. This one thing will enable progressive and forward looking organisations to achieve a quantum leap in digital ahead of their competitors. In fact, they will no longer compete due to this one thing as they will digitally dominate their industries and sectors. This one thing is what we call the digital business ecosystem or DBE at Dotsavvy.

DBE is a complete reimagining and resetting of how digital operates within a business. It goes far beyond simply executing digital. The DBE is a massive departure from the digital status quo in Kenya as it requires a business to put digital at the very centre of everything it does. It is far more than merely digital advertising or social media. It means looking at all core business operations and fully integrating them with digital elements so as to achieve digital business transformation across the board. In tactical terms, the DBE is the integration of six (6) digital business channels, as follows:

  • corporate website
  • mobile app(s)
  • business apps (E-Commerce, ERP, Intranets, Content Management Systems, Marketing Automation, CRM, etc)
  • digital advertising
  • social media
  • analytics

The DBE requires that all of these digital channels are made to work together, almost like a symphony where musicians play their instruments in perfect harmony – conducted by an excellent digital strategy that makes the collective much more impactful that a single digital channel. To achieve a DBE disparate digital business channels are fully integrated through the use of technologies like Application Programming Interfaces or APIs. If you would like to learn more about how to create your DBE with Dotsavvy, please get in touch with us here



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