Collectively Digital. Completely Integrated.
Digital Strategy

The starting point of everything we do at Dotsavvy is strategy, or more specifically, digital strategy. We put on our thinking caps to ensure we have a complete understanding of your business, from top bottom, from left to right. We also explore the global digital landscape to understand which tools, platforms, methodologies and channels would best serve your business goals in-line with your core business strategy – they have to be aligned to work.

Whether your looking to mobile-enable your business, drive sales through e-commerce or simply run a corporate blog, we start and finish with your business needs, and those of your customers. Our team works with you to bring your digital strategy to life, helping you meet the realities of today, and beyond. This isn’t just about digital technology or creative, it’s about building a digital business that works.

Website Design

Dotsavvy has been building websites since our very inception in 2002. In many ways, websites are our first love, digitally speaking that is. Our approach to website design combines strategic business thinking, technology applications and hosting infrastructure, as well as key business drivers. From digital strategy to implementation, we can help you build a powerful web presence for any platform, from responsive design for mobile and tablet, to desktop and smart tv, and anything in between.

Today, web done right is more relevant than ever as user expectations and market trends demand. The team at Dotsavvy will work with you and your business to ensure you have a business-focused, user-friendly, functionally elegant and technology driven websites (i.e. corporate websites, microsite, campaign landing pages, etc) from start to finish.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) helps ensure sure your website is highly ranked on organic (unpaid) search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords and key phrases. SEO helps drive contextually relevant to your website(s). The most important factors today for good SEO are a solid content strategy, social media sharing and inbound links from credible websites. All these work in tandem to maximize SEO value and Dotsavvy would leverage these for you as a client.

Mobile Apps

To say that Africa is mobile-driven is a major understatement. Mobile phones are the only device that gets everyone communicating, transacting and online by the masses. Africa has close to a billion active mobile subscribers as of this writing, and growing. It is the one device that the majority of Internet users in Africa use to get online, most of the time.

The reality is that mobile as a business channel is core to any digital strategy in Africa. It’s certainly not all about bright and shiny mobile apps, and the team at Dotsavvy can help you navigate the mobile landscape. Whether its building your mobile apps, running a mobile marketing campaign on multiple channels or “mobilizing” legacy business apps, the team at Dotsavvy can help you win.

Social Media

Social media has literally set Africa on fire with digital conversations. Social media has become one of the key channels for digital brand development and engagement across the board in Africa. Once a misunderstood channel for African businesses, social media has evolved to become an indispensable asset for branded digital marketing initiatives.

The team at Dotsavvy has been on social media since its earliest days helping our clients and their brands achieve their business goals through innovative and unconventional approaches by driving engagement and conversations that matter. Given a chance, we will do the same for you across popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and anything else that works.

In addition, whether your business or brand is active on social media or not, it’s highly likely that conversations concerning your brand are already happening. As part of our online reputation management (ORM) service, Dotsavvy will monitor and analyse your reputation online, and then engage in social media conversations on your behalf in order to positively influence brand sentiment.

Business Apps

Business apps are essential to everything that Dotsavvy does. We develop all sorts of business apps to ensure that our digital marketing offerings work for you. This is everything from integrating a content management system (CMS) in your corporate website, deploying an analytics-supported digital marketing campaign, ‘mobilising’ legacy business apps, and everything else in between.

Our goal at Dotsavvy is not to make you learn all the details of business apps we use but rather to make sure that they work for you in meeting your customers and business needs. We can help you build, customise or extend rich, user-driven business apps for even the most complex business use cases.

Digital Copywriting

Great digital copywriting results in copy that connects with your target audience and gives them the information they need in a tone of voice that is consistent with your brand and marketing communications. Digital copywriting is more than simply re-packaging copy from company brochures & profiles – it is creating or re-creating copy specifically & appropriately for the target market(s) in question via a myriad digital channels. Dotsavvy’s digital copywriters are charged with researching, analyzing, structuring, and developing copy that is concise, informative and relevant for your digital channels and customers, leading to improved business results.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation streamlines marketing on digital channels such as email, social media, and websites, whilst automating repetitive tasks that nurture prospects with highly personalized and useful content that helps convert them to customers. It typically generates significant new revenue for businesses and provides an excellent return on the investment. Dotsavvy leverages platforms and tactics for our clients that use marketing automation to improve the performance of their digital marketing efforts.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) enables businesses to better manage their engagements with existing and prospective customers. CRM leverages technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support activities. CRM is also business processes that work in tandem with technology ultimately improve business performance. Dotsavvy works with clients to define, execute and manage their CRM strategies from start to finish.

Professional Photography

In grabbing attention, its hard to find a better medium than the photograph. It captures the essence of a brand & is able to share its dynamism in the most dramatic & yet sublime fashion – that a thousand words struggles to accomplish. Our Photographers taking photographs that tell a compelling & holistic brand story for your digital marketing initiatives. Photographs realize that which is right before our eyes but hidden in & amongst all the clutter and commotion of a thousand competitors, bringing background to foreground; giving life to words & help a brand soar digitally way above the rest.

Video Production

Digital videos are increasingly one of the best ways to communicate the value proposition of brands in a clear and engaging way to consumers online. Videos can be executed in a myriad of ways using slideshows, animations & footage. Dotsavvy uses a mix of real life footage, digital animation, voice-overs, music and other elements to create brand videos for digital channels. Dotsavvy is able to deliver high quality online video production at multiple price points. Consumers find videos preferable and they drive engagement by providing a visual hook. People stay on your website & social media longer – its also more memorable. Video is cost-effective relative to the value generated. It also improves brand recognition.


Selling products and services online has become a reality in most of Africa. Consumers are empowered with credit cards and mobile money to do so. Dotsavvy’s e-commerce services will enable you to sell online to global market. We are able to integrate various shopping carts and payment processing gateways for a fully-fledged e-commerce proposition, as well provide the tools to analyse and boost overall e-commerce sales performance.

User Experience (UX) Design

User Experience (UX) Design is the liaison between the three areas of technology, business, and design. It involves translating business goals to the technology and design sectors, and making sure the business is what drives the features and design of a digital initiate. It is also understanding technology constraints to business and design sectors, and keeping the design and business goals aware of the technical realities. Lastly, it communicates design ideas to the business and technology sectors, and ensuring that functional and aesthetic priorities are managed. This collective convergence is UX Design and ultimately it ensures that Dotsavvy can deliver digital solutions that are user-centric for your brand or business.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising entails campaigns that use digital channels such as the web and mobile for marketing messages to attract customers. Dotsavvy provides an end-to-end service for its clients in this respect. Digital advertising campaigns include ads via search engines, banner ads, blogs, mobile ads, social media ads, etc. Dotsavvy gas experience working with popular digital advertising platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads, Direct media placements, etc.

Effective digital advertising requires digital media planning and buying that enables our clients to achieve their digital advertising campaign objectives by using the best possible digital media platforms available within their marketing budgets for the best impact possible. Dotsavvy analyses customer target audiences, keeps abreast of digital media developments and trends, whilst understanding customer motivations when developing media plans and managing digital advertising campaigns for the best possible return on investment.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is something Dotsavvy has done since our inception. We work our clients with an end-to-end email marketing offering we call ‘evoke’. In a nutshell, we develop email marketing campaigns that result in new business and improved customer service, across the board. We take car of everything – from generating copy, creating e-newsletters, creating and managing segmented email databases, as well as distribution using ethically compliant practices. Email is still incredibly useful and even outperforms social media from a return on investment perspective. Let us help you and your business excel through our email marketing offerings.

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – often with the objective of driving profitable customer action. Content marketing is a major paradigm shift in digital marketing as brands ‘own’ rather than ‘rent’ media by becoming the media. Content marketing is so compelling as it attracts and retains customers through the creation and curation of great content that influences customer behaviour. Dotsavvy delivers content marketing services for clients on a myriad of digital platforms that has bottomline impact for their brand(s).

Live Streaming

Live streaming has increasingly become ‘de facto’ for significant corporate events that need to be seen by a local, regional or global audience. Therefore, we start with your business goals well before your ‘live’ event and can support you every step of the way. This can include on-site video encoding for live streaming, on-demand video, distribution, reporting on your results and consulting on what they mean and how to use them to make decisions on your next event. Live streaming is a service that Dotsavvy does exceedingly well.

Website Hosting & Cloud Services

Dotsavvy has offered world-class website hosting services since we started business over a decade ago. As a result, hundreds of our clients rely on us for their mission-critical business needs through our website hosting services. At Dotsavvy, we recognise that we live in a time when the Internet has become of paramount importance for business and as such we offer secure website hosting services that incorporate features such as e-commerce, content delivery networks (CDNs), real-time cloud back-up and monitoring, as well as SSL certificates. We also include Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that ensure 99% website availability all year round.

Managed Services

Managed Services are integral to the optimum performance of any digital marketing initiative and related activities. Users continually engage with your brand’s digital marketing initiatives when they are always dynamic & contextually relevant. As a client at Dotsavvy, you get the responsiveness of an in-house team minus complexities & associated high-costs. Dotsavvy works collaboratively with clients using a tried and proven process that ensures outputs are consistent in brand style and performance. Managed services also helps Dotsavvy identify any new opportunities for digital business with clients as a result of our constant involvement.