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Resolution Insurance Online Tools

Resolution Insurance is one of East Africa’s fastest growing Insurers and a Dotsavvy website client for over a decade


Dotsavvy has worked with Resolution Insurance for 11 years and in that time we have been behind several iterations of their corporate website. In the latest instance from 2014, Resolution Insurance wanted to do something truly innovative with their website from an East African perspective. Resolution wanted to integrate online service tools that would enable customers and prospects alike to identify which products and services would be right for them before even picking up the the phone or sending an email.


Dotsavvy worked closely with the sales, marketing and underwriting teams at Resolution Insurance to develop a number of online tools on the corporate website that would provide a self-service approach for product and service discovery and selection. Dotsavvy was provided with the mathematical formulae and variables behind the entire medical insurance product range as presented in sales and marketing collateral. The Dotsavvy team then planned and developed the online tools on this basis so that one for instance would provide an easy way of calculating insurance premiums online – a process that was even complicated in-house.


At the end of the extensive engagement, Dotsavvy had developed a range of online tools on the Resolution Insurance corporate website where customers and prospects could explore their offerings in more detail and determine not only the insurance premiums they would pay but also get in touch with the sales department with all the details. This has massively streamlined the product selection process for customers and partners alike via the website.


December 15, 2015


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