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New KCC realises a responsive corporate website, a corporate blog, content management system (CMS) upgrade and an android mobile app from Dotsavvy


The New Kenya Co-operative Creameries or New KCC for short has been at the forefront of Kenya’s and East Africa’s daily industry for over 100 years. In 2015, New KCC once again engaged Dotsavvy to realign their corporate website so that it would conform to current best practices for digital marketing. This initiative served to build on the success of their existing website which had served New KCC well up until that point.


Dotsavvy had built the prior New KCC website several years ago and it was in dire need of many improvements. This included making the website responsive so that it would be accessible on all screen sizes, include a corporate blog for content marketing and building an Android mobile app that would draw content from the corporate website. In addition, the overall look and feel of the website as well as the user experience (UX) was designed to make it more visually appealing and intuitive for end-users.


The New KCC corporate website is now responsive in design meaning it works flawlessly across a myriad of devices – mobile, desktop, tablet and anything else in between. In addition, Dotsavvy installed a better and more user-friendly content management system (CMS) that would enable the website to work better and offer extensibility for future enhancements. Lastly, the blog and the integrated Android mobile app will provide digital channels for New KCC’s thought leadership on Kenya’s dairy industry going forward.


October 15, 2015


Digital Strategy, Managed Services, mobile apps, website design