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Mo-Lito gets digital ‘cultured’ for its 10th anniversary

Mo-Lito is a family-owned and family-run artisanal dairy processing business that produces a range of natural and flavoured yoghurts in the Red Hill area of Limuru, on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya.


Mo-Lito was started 10 years ago by Andrew and Wangari Murugu based on their passion for the dairy industry in Kenya as well as the calling to empower the youth and farming communities in Limuru. Mo-Lito approached Dotsavvy in 2015 to develop their first ever website from scratch as they had never done any form of digital marketing until that point.


Dotsavvy was engaged to develop the Mo-Lito website which also involved generating content in the form of copywriting and photography that would authentically depict a brand that is rooted in traditional Kenyan family values. Mo-Lito yoghurt is naturally produced with passion and an unwavering attention to detail. Dotsavvy worked closely with the Mo-Lito team to realise a website that would bring its ethos to life, online.


Dotsavvy launched the Mo-Lito website in December 2015 after lots of work and much iteration. The website is a ‘complete’ digital solution in that Dotsavvy created the tone of voice and visual style for the brand that will ‘work’ not not just in digital channels but across the board. As Mo-Lito goes into 2016, they are well poised to fully exploit the potential of digital for business transformation




October 15, 2015


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