Its NOT Yet Too Late! 10 Digital Resolutions For Your Business In 2016


Its NOT Yet Too Late! 10 Digital Resolutions For Your Business In 2016

As we fast approach the end of February 2016, its quite likely that many of us have already dropped off many of our new year resolutions and could very likely be falling back into old routines. However, even though we are almost 2 months along this does NOT have to be the case for your business in 2016. There are still 10 months to go which you can use to transform your businesses digital fortunes in 2016. Indeed, here is a list of 1o digital resolutions that you can still achieve in 2016 to make your business truly thrive and generate a solid return on investment (ROI):

  1. Implement a corporate blog as the hub for your content marketing & search engine optimization efforts since Google rewards websites that have high quality and regularly updated content on search engine result pages (SERPs). In addition, content marketing via a blog gives users a reason to come back to your website from time to time if the content is actually of value to them.
  2. Ensure your corporate website is mobile responsive so that it works across all screen sizes since over 90% of Internet consumption in Kenya happens via mobile devices. In addition, since Google launched mobile friendly search results last year, if your website is not mobile responsive or optimized, Google will drop your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPS).
  3. Implement explicit call-to-actions (CTAs) on your corporate website to drive conversions from users. As the famous saying goes, ‘don’t make me think’  so make sure users on your website are directed to take the actions that will add value to your business in-line with their expectations.
  4. Have an ‘always-on’ digital marketing plan that transcends traditional advertising campaign cycles. This means that your digital marketing operates on an iterative basis of constant improvement using a data-driven model that focusses on constantly improving on an on-going basis.
  5. Identify a digital champion within your business who can lead digital initiatives and ensure they actually get done. In our experience, this is probably the number one reason that ambitious digital strategies fail at businesses because no one takes a complete leadership position where digital is concerned. This one change could make all the difference to your business in 2016 where digital is concerned.
  6. Publish branded content natively on social media platforms for maximum reach as this is what seems to be working for many online. The reality is that social media is the most popular form of digital media consumed in Kenya and the rest of the world so it stands to reason that brands need to ‘fish where the fish are’. This means posting content like blogs, videos, etc directly to social media like Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube, etc is the way to go for maximum reach.
  7. Deploy a marketing automation platform that will improve your digital insights and conversions in-line with global trends. Marketing automation streamlines the process of identifying and nurturing sales leads from a myriad of digital channels via your corporate website. Marketing automation will be the next big thing in digital in Kenya and Africa going forward so make sure that your business is not left behind.
  8. Deploy e-commerce capabilities on your corporate website so that you can sell online, even right here in Kenya. These are exciting times since Safaricom also launched an M-PESA API last year which means that businesses can now acquire mobile money payments online as well as via credit and debit cards. When you consider that Kenya has millions of Internet users e-commerce will be a major growth area for all businesses.
  9. Secure your website with an SSL certificate to encrypt user sessions as this is not only a good practice but Google is using it as a way of ranking your website higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). In an increasingly hostile Internet where hackers are trying to break into everything, SSL is one of the best ways to protect your customers and prospects online.
  10. Implement a real-time back-up and monitoring solution for your corporate website so that in the event its hacked or something gets corrupted you can roll back easily and not suffer the painful consequences. Think of it as insurance for your corporate website? Its a good idea from this perspective!

If you need any help getting any or all of the above digital resolutions working in your business as soon as possible, drop us a line here and we would be happy to help!



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