Dotsavvy Launches Savvystream, A Free Video Streaming Mobile App & Web-Based Service Supported Through Digital Ads.


Dotsavvy Launches Savvystream, A Free Video Streaming Mobile App & Web-Based Service Supported Through Digital Ads.

Dotsavvy launches Savvystream, a free video streaming mobile app and web service supported through digital advertising.

Nairobi, 1st April 2020 – Kenya’s digital entertainment services space is set to experience the arrival of Savvystream, a new and free video streaming mobile app and web-based service to be launched by Dotsavvy today the 1st April 2020. Savvystream, is an innovative free mobile app and web-based video streaming service that will enable consumers in Kenya initially to live stream the latest movies, tv shows and live sports content for free.

Savvystream is unlike other popular video streaming services like Netflix and ShowMax in the marketplace in that they are supported by a subscription-based model that is out of the reach of the majority of Kenyans. Savvystream has been developed from the ground up to operate on an ad-supported model which will make the service accessible to all, at scale. All Savvystream users will need to do is watch short video ads from brands on the Savvystream ad network at various intervals as they consume their favourite video content on the platform, not unlike YouTube does in their ad-supported model.

According to Anthony Njenga, Savvystream’s Product Manager at Dotsavvy, the service was developed during the last two years after extensive market research to find out what Kenyan consumers want in a video streaming service. This research informed the bold decision to launch Savvystream to disrupt Kenya’s video streaming services space.

‘By offering a free and ad-supported video streaming service, we are making it possible for Kenyans to enjoy the best movies, tv shows, and live sports content throughout the country for free. No one can argue that this is a value proposition that is hard to beat. Our projections show that we can capture over 20% market share of the video streaming services market by April 2020 on this basis’ said Anthony Njenga.

Savvystream will be launched to the market from today the 1st April 2020 throughout Kenya and will be expanded regionally to Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda during the coming months. In order to meet it’s ambitious growth plans, Savvystream will also be launching an aggressive digital advertising campaign today to capture as much market share as possible by targeting consumers who are already familiar with and using video streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, and ShowMax.

‘The biggest challenge in launching Savvystream was securing rights to premium video content across quite a few segments for delivery via our platform. The costs involved and logistics to do so were daunting but we were determined to succeed. We knew our vision for Savvystream to reach every Kenyan home was worth pursuing, especially at this time when many Kenyans are stuck at home and need high quality and affordable home entertainment for their families.’ added Anthony Njenga.

Savvystream has already secured key brand advertisers who want to market their offerings via Savvystream’s ad network, also known as Savvystream Ads since they can see the immense potential that the platform has for Kenya and the East African region. Savvystreams ultimate ambition is to expand the service across Africa and the rest of the world thank’s to its radically disruptive business model.

The Savvystream mobile app will be available for download on Google Play and the App Store from today, the 1st April 2020. Savvystream can also be accessed via the web on from today.

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Anthony Njenga
Product Manager
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