January 2015

5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing In Kenya Is Broken

It goes without saying that digital marketing is on a roll in Kenya. Every brand from Tom, Dick and Harry is officially on the digital bandwagon, eager to reap the spoils of the tantalising promise of digital marketing in Kenya - the ability to reach the right prospect or customer at the right time with the right offer at a fraction of the cost of using traditional marketing channels. Every

3 Market Forces That Are Driving Digital Advertising Adoption In Kenya

Over the last few years, digital advertising as we know it has really taken off in Kenya. Its almost NOT possible to encounter a pre-roll YouTube Ad or Google Ad when your browsing both local and international websites, or using a mobile app. At the same time, Facebook, that behemoth of social media that has close to 5 million users in Kenya (and growing) is probably one of the easiest